Building Construction Limited (BCL) is a Private Limited Company. The company has registered under Joint Stock Company, Dhaka at 1st September, 2005. TMSS is one of the major share holder of the company. T.M. Ali Haider is the Founder Managing Director of BCL. In addition to this Alhaji Md. Tariqul Islam, Mrs. Gulshan-Ara Parvin & Alhaji Md. Abdur Rahman are the Directors of the company who are dedicated and honest business personnel. Initially the company has started function with Construction works, Land development and Real Estate Development but at present Building Construction Limited has diversified its activities towards Automatic Brick Production line, Shopping Mall, Re-cycling Paper Mills, Local & International Trading are major activities of the company. BCL has also operating clean fuel project such as CNG & Gasoline Station with CNG Conversion & Automobile workshop. Directors of the company are motivated to re-invest revenue of the company rather than dividend sharing because the directors desire to create products, services and employments to establish a happy & proud citizen of the nation. The company has been maintaining a slogan that is “Creating Opportunity.” We are trying to achieve the slogans through our management skills and adequate fund flow. Presently, the Building Construction Limited is intending to establish a new Paper Mills for producing writing paper by it subsidiary company BCL Paper Mills Limited at Thengamara, Bogra. The new Paper Mills will create direct employment for around 500 unemployed people. It is to be noted that there are around 900 people are working in different position in BCL Group.